TERIXO (TXO) - Cryptocurrency

A Fast & Secure Cryptocurrency and Multi chain DEX.

$TXO Can be used to invest on our upcoming Multi Chain DEX, with a 10billion Max Supply

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About TERIXO Token
Terixo Token & Decentralized Exchange

Trade or create pools for any Token on Supported Networks

Using our upcoming DEX Platform you can trade your preferred token from Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, KuCoin, Tron, and XDaiChain Blockchain platforms by simply connecting your wallet to our DEX and making transactions occur.

We will do our best to integrate most of the Smart contract capable Blockchains to our DEX Platform so that you can make or trade your tokens on any network you wish.


Secure, Fast, and Private Crypto Exchange

Decentralized Exchanges are fast, easy to use, private, and secure by design, so our DEX Will be. You only pay for the Transaction Fee, and there will be no other concealed fees.

Being Multichain, Allows you to buy or add a token that is not available on Ethereum BlockChain therefore not available on most of the Exchanges.


We are trusted

These are some of the Services which Support $TXO :

Why $TXO


Some of our Services and Project Features

TERIXO Token feature
Fast Payments

$TXO is a BEP-20 Token on Smart Chain, Transfers are fast and Cheap, Our DEX will Supports the Fastest BlockChains Too.

TERIXO Token feature

You can use $TXO on known Wallets like Trust Wallet, etc. It can also be integrated on Different Services.

TERIXO Token feature
Secure Blockchain

Cryptocurrency payments are all Secure and mostly private so is $TXO, you can use it anonymously.

TERIXO Token feature
Community Based

TERIXO is Community Based, it means that everyone can contribute on project and get rewarded.

TERIXO Token feature

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology so it almost cannot be censored, nobody can steal your assets.

TERIXO Token feature
Strong Infrastructure

We always make sure to choose the best things we need for the project, Great Blockchain, Servers, Codes ,etc.

TERIXO Token feature
Low cost

Buying or selling $TXO and Trading on TERIXO DEX are very cheap on fees, You will only pay for The Transaction fees.

TERIXO Token feature
Trusted by services

You can find the Future $TXO on best Exchanges, Trackers, Wallets and services. we will make this happen.


Our Upcoming Trading Platform

Some of our Decentralized exchange Features

Powerful platform.

Experience the ultimate DEX, Buy or Sell your preferred token on your preferred platform.

  • Low Fees
  • Multi Blockchain
  • Decentralized
  • Easy to use
TERIXO Token TERIXO Token feature
TERIXO Token bep-20
TERIXO Token Smart Chain binance

Download Our Whitepaper

Read more about our Projects, the Token and our upcoming Decentralized Exchange, spend a few minutes of your time finding more about TERIXO (TXO), about us.


TERIXO Token Audit
TERIXO Full Audit

Checkout TERIXO Full Audit from Tech Rate.

An audit process is an extensive analysis of the code written in the token contract to pick and sort such minor vulnerabilities if any. The ultimate goal of a security audit is to guarantee that the code is free of bugs and behaves as intended, under every given circumstance.

SOON Audit

Our Project Roadmap

Here you can see some of our Progress and Future Plans

Quarter1 2022
Project Launch✅

Terixo Branding
Details published.
Website active.
WhitePaper Updated
Increase Holders to 1000
Listing on pancake swap
IDO Round 1
Marketing on Bscscan

Quarter2 2022
IDO and Other Listings✅

Start IDO Round 2
Update Information on BscScan
List on TrustWallet
Increase Holders to 5000

Quarter3 2022
Project Expansion and Burn✅️

Burn 10% of all token
List Coinmarketcap
List on Coingecko
Marketing Plan

Quarter4 2022
Update and Reburn✅

Burn 7 % of all token
New Dev Updates
WhitePaper Update
Website Update

Quarter5 2022
CEX listing and Reburn✅

Burn 5 % of all token
list on other exchange
Mass advertising
Expanding the Terixo community
Increase holder

Our Team

$TXO Team

You can see Some of our Most Active Core Team Members Here :









Project FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Popular Frequently Asked Questions

What is TERIXO (TXO)?

TERIXO is a bep-20 Token on Binance Smart Chain, it can be used to invest on our Future Multi Blockchain Decentralized Excahnge.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Simply Because it's Fast and Cheap, Transaction fees are much lower Compared to the Ethereum.

How Many TXO are there?

The Total Supply is 10,000,000,000 TXO and no more tokens will be issued.

Where can i Buy/Sell?

Terixo will soon be listed in exchange offices and it will be possible to buy and sell it